Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny Thing

Well, two actually. There's this:

and --

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a Silence-Rush-Limbaugh petition page. Because, I guess, Rush says things they don't like. So I commented on it:

People like Rush Limbaugh don’t realize that free speech doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want. If you’re going to say the wrong things, you should expect to be silenced.

Just a random act. I figured that somewhere in San Fransisco, some stuck hippie would read it and nod his head in approval.

Funny - then I see I'm getting hits from the page. So I go back and examine it more closely: most of the the comments are supporting Rush -- and my comment looks like one of the only ones against him. So people are coming here ready to defend free speech to some liberal d-nozzle. (which, sorry guys, I looked like)

But really, what the hell is the DCCC thinking? That the country has evolved past the need for free speech? Hey DCCC! Free speech is a bedrock thing. It's what America is about. Take it away and it doesn't matter how hip your leader is, it's a broken country.

Power Eggs aren't a substitute for free speech. Look what ruling by African proverbs has done for Kenya. Look what the Bill of Rights has done for us.