Thursday, January 22, 2009

Turbo Tax

Oh this explains why the Geithner can't pay his fair share of tax:

Geithner said he used the popular software program TurboTax to complete his income tax forms in those two years, and he failed to include self-employment taxes in his federal returns.

He said that, to his recollection, the program did not prompt him to report income and pay self-employment taxes.

Funny thing. I also have to pay the self employment tax, I also use Turbo Tax, and I've been able to manage it every year.

In fact, I can't ever remember it being a bump in the road, hard to figure out, or even the least bit puzzling. I wonder if it's prudent to entrust a trillion dollars to a man this challenged by a very simple and straightforward part of the tax code.

Course, we all know he wasn't really flummoxed by the rule, don't we? We know he was just a regular guy trying to get out of paying what the tax code said he should, right? Heck, he even took reimbursement for the tax he says he didn't know he should pay. Sure, we can understand that, we'd all like to cheat as well, right?

Well, that's even worse. I'd like to not pay my self employment tax. I'd like to play dumb and get out of paying my share. But I don't. And this worthless cheat is going to be in charge of money for the Obama team that exhorts us to make sacrifices? They can't pay their fair share and they're asking us to give more? No. No thank you very much. Go fish.