Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Keep Your Assistance

How do those nine most chilling words go "I'm from the government and I'm here to help..."?

The always plugged in Michelle Malkin has the video on how the state shall save us. I could only watch the first two planks of the government "bridge" being built.

The first plank was capital - the government plans match capital from the private sector... Um yeah, remember "we don't want to own a car company"? Well Obama still owns a car company. And though he could exit within a year, after putting his guy at the helm and setting a course for hippie green enviro land, he isn't out yet and I didn't want him there in the first place. Government money isn't needed.

The second plank, and this is where I clicked him off, is regulations - the glowing One will look at how regulations and paperwork can be reduced so that they don't hinder the small businessman. Well what a load of government crap that is. They just got through adding 1099 reporting, they've regulated oil drilling into the toilet, and the EPA is getting ready to tax carbon. It's just a lie to say that this administration wants to cut regulations.

Did I ever tell you about how the government streamlined my paperwork? They erased my EIN. This voided my CCR registration, which is needed to get paid. So I call the IRS and they explain how it got erased. Oh, good, I was sooo happy to know how they did it. Then they did mumbo-jumbo to fix it, and told me to check back in two or three months, "better make it closer to three." OK good, just three months of not getting paid. So I can live with that... until three months go by and still my EIN was broken. So I do it again, and again, and again. Each time I'm supposed to check back in three months. It took more than a year to get my paperwork straight again. (and finally get paid for the work I had done) So no, Mr O. I'll believe you want to ease the government burden when I see it. Just do it and quit promising to do it.

This isn't a government bridge, it's a gibbet. Luckily for us, it's being built by the government and will possibly collapse under its own weight.