Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Whole World in 24 Seconds

I've been way busy so we'll make this quick:

I Approve of:

  • Anderson Cooper getting "hit 10 times" in Cairo. Actually the video makes it look like a mosh pit for sissies, which may be why Anderson was there. (or, maybe he called someone "teabagger")
  • Obama inviting J Lo to watch the Super Bowl at his house.
  • Whatever Michelle decides to conk him on the head with.
  • CNN reporting on that Planned Parenthood sting video.

I Disapprove of:

  • More government pressure to force us to eat less salt. You know, even the Soviet Union didn't tell people what they could and couldn't eat.
  • ABC, NBC, and CBS ignoring the Planned Parenthood sting video.

And I'm not sure about:

  • Our response to the situation in Egypt. The State Department wants there to be an outcome, and the President is looking for a result. It's hard to know which is best, ya know? Regardless, the president will be all for it once it's a fait accompli; unless it's a complete dog's breakfast, in which case he'll be all, "I told them this would happen."

Tomorrow is busy too so it may be a kitten, puppy, and baby duck day.