Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So, had I fallen, I'm sure that on my way down I would have vividly remembered the admonitions of my elders many many years ago, telling me that you never ever stand or ride on the forks of a forklift. But I didn't fall. I'm a rule breaker. Yeah.

Actually it was rather strange, this quake. I was using the forklift as a platform so that I could work on a much bigger piece of machinery. So my first thought was that somebody was shaking the controls of my lift as a kind of unfunny joke. But I saw nobody down there. Then I briefly considered a malfunction, then ghosts. Briefly.

Now the machine I was working on can shake the ground when It drives, so I had to consider that since it wasn't running, that maybe it had been decoupled in time. So it was now rumbling, and would wait until later to actually start up and move. But I trust Hawking more than Vonnegut so I discounted the supernatural, and settled on Earthquake-good-Lord-get-down-from-here! By this time the fun was just about over.

Only odd thing: we have an old Regulator clock in the foyer that hasn't run in years. When I came home I found that the swaying had started it up and the pendulum was merrily counting off the time.