Friday, December 09, 2011

Abandoned Zoos

If you like eerie, there's a ton of creepy abandoned zoo photos here. The abandoned cages are interesting in their own right, but it seems to me that someone is missing a great opportunity to make them awesome.

Why isn't some conceptual artist making giant stuffed animals to populate some of these abandoned zoos? I mean, half the job is already done. You could make art just by dropping off one of those giant carnival Pink Panthers.

Sure, weathering would take place, but that would only make the tableau more disturbing.

Of course, I know why no one's done it yet: No urine or crucifixes are involved so government grant money wouldn't be available. And art for art's sake is well, you know, less profitable.

Can't afford the materials to sew and stuff an eight foot tall crazed rabbit? Blame the 1% for that. But then go swipe a family member's Snuggie and get busy cutting and sewing. I'd do it myself but I spend most of my time visiting the Occupy DC protest; trying to start "What do we want?!" chants. (I've never made it to "When do we want it?" but the laws of probability indicate that some day two random people will chant back the same answer)

By the way:
What do we want?
A cure for tourettes!
When do we want it?