Monday, December 12, 2011

Scary Stupid

The generation that couldn't think anything through strikes again:

Demonstrators linked to the Occupy Wall Street movement set up pickets from San Diego to Anchorage on Monday as part of a coordinated move to shut down ports across the West Coast. In Portland, they carried signs and shouted slogans near trucks waiting to enter the terminals, effectively blocking operations as many port workers refused to cross their lines.

First off: that is one lazy bunch of guys who will skip work because that don't want to cross what only looks like a picket line. Can any group shut down the ports?

Anyway, second bit: what's choking off commerce going to do? Hurt the rich? Say you could throttle back the economy by 25%. Whose going to feel that? The guy who used to make 4 million a year but now lives on 3? Or the guy who made $40,000 who now must get by on $30,000?

Course they won't have that much influence. But still, stupidity on this scale is scary.