Friday, December 23, 2011

People Are Awesome

The title "People Are Awesome" isn't mine. I suppose it would be arrogant of me to make up a title like that, seeing as I've done just about everything in the video.

That thing where you go down the mountain in the snow with sticks on your feet and sometimes you just decide to flip upside down in the air and stuff like that - I do that all the time. And the thing where you're on a bicycle or climbing up a mountain and stuff - I do that too. I sometimes do all that stuff at once and the bicycles and parachutes and snow and stuff gets so tangled up I need to hire a Sherpa to help me untangle it.

You can get hurt doing this stuff too. I slammed my foot in the car door once while unloading my rocket powered wind surfing board. Any wind-surfer can tell you: that really hurts. So usually I just watch Discovery Channel and play with the dogs.