Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cain Out

It bodes ill for the country that the news media can beat the drum loud enough to kill presidential bids. But it looks like they succeeded in getting Herman Cain out of the race.

And don't think it was these Obamathugsupported (in German it would be one word) women who did it; it was the media and their constant assault. This is the same media that defended John Edwards past the point of absurdity.

I have to say that a Cain presidency would have made me nervous though. And here's why: we just spent 3 years in decline because we elected a guy who was smart enough and good intentioned enough to be president. (though not in my view) Obama had never held an executive position, had barely worked as a Senator before he changed his focus to a presidential run, never held a real job in his life, and was entirely undistinguished in state government. But his perceived intelligence and good intentions got him elected.

Herman Cain is intelligent enough, has worked as an executive in business, is good intentioned (in my view), but has no experience as an elected official. I have no doubt that he'd be vastly better than Obama but I'd have felt better about it if he'd been a governor or senator first.

Now that he's out, I hope he runs for some lesser office. Maybe move and go for Barney Franks old seat. Then, in four years, who knows?