Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Money Money Everywhere

Not so great a story because the occupants really were hurt:

A crash of a Brinks tractor-trailer in northeastern Ontario this morning seriously injured the two occupants, and scattered millions of dollars in Canadian coins on the highway and in the nearby bush.

The crash happened on Highway 11, south of Ramore, north of Kirkland Lake, when the tractor-trailer collided with a rock cut in Benoit Township around 4 a.m.

So a bad situation quickly got worse, in a chain reaction, another tractor trailer went over:
One of the tractor-trailer units was reportedly carrying candy, which was also strewn across the crash site.

So there's candy and coins all over the road. And I can't report that they're still counting the coins and think the total could exceed $14.00 US, because the driver really was hurt.

But expect me to watch this one and make jokes about Canadian candy as well as soon as these guys get better and leave the hospital.