Monday, April 16, 2012

Sorry About the AWOLness

Sorry about being an absentee blogger. I've been doing taxes, mostly without a sound-track, well, except for gentle weeping, sometimes punctuated with involuntary sobs.
Actually, I got done early this year.

I don't mind the drama of last minute filing; chasing the mail-lady down the street as you're scribbling down the last number and trying to seal the envelope. No, in fact that's the part I used to like. But I found out the hard way that the IRS is capable of losing returns (and entirely incapable of admitting it) and, good gravy, they're the stinking IRS, they squash real people for sport. So I filed electronically this time.

I'll still hear the 4/4 string ostinato in D minor when I see any communication from the IRS, but now I'll have TurboTax to say that, "yes, we saw the data going through the tubes."

And on that note... Good luck to those of you who are just finishing up.