Friday, August 10, 2012

From the People Who Brought You Julia

At a Colorado campaign stop yesterday, Obama told the crowd that he needs to be reelected because, “We’ve got too many good jobs we’ve got to create.” Do you see the evil genius at work here?

The big brains were gathered around after the election and one fool said, "OK now we can set about the work of fixing the country, lowering the oceans, improving the lunar orbit, and getting Simon and Garfunkel back together." But Obama took the reins, "You idiot. We need to get reelected in four years. They elected me as a problem solver, and I'll need problems to solve to get reelected" So they rolled up their sleeves and got busy not fixing the problems.

But they did better than just not fixing what was broke, they broke extra stuff so we'd have even more incentive to call them back for an encore.

Example: The White House sent me a graphic showing how we could save $1.16 trillion if we would just go-with-the-O for four more years. (the green bar) So I used that scale to show the debt Obama has already run up. (the red bar) The graphic was so big I had to cut it in half to have even a chance of reading the words. You can clickabiggen if it's still not big enough.

It's not every president who has a "continued next page" next to his debt.

OK so never mind that the green bar represents an optimistic projection from the Obama budget that he couldn't get even one Democrat in the House to support. Call the green bar a given. It would still take almost 44 years to pay off just what Obama has added in debt so far in his presidency.

And who really thinks that we'll have a surplus (at all) if we reelect Obama? Isn't it more likely that he'll give us another red bar very much like the one he's already given us? Do you see lowered oceans? Is Guantanamo Bay closed? Are Simon and Garfunkel coming to a venue near you?