Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cholera, You Wouldn't Understand

Global Warming! (!) responsible (!!) for cholera  epidemic in Haiti!!!! (?)

Years from now Al Gore will be doing the forensics on why his Movement died and he'll find it was a simple case of exclamation point fatigue. As for Haiti -- they couldn't blame the earthquake on global warming, (yet!) so they blamed AGW for the cholera epidemic.

But well whoops:

Last month, a report authored by a group of former United Nations scientists used DNA testing to link the cholera bacteria responsible for the outbreak to UN peacekeepers from Nepal. The evidence, which offers strong support for the UN’s culpability, caused international outrage and demands that the United Nations take responsibility for its unintentional infection of Haiti earthquake victims.
However, while the Nepali workers may have brought the cholera into Haiti, according to Rita Colwell, former director of the National Science Foundation and renowned climate change researcher, unusually warm weather and other climate change factors also contributed to the rapid spread of cholera in the months following the earthquake’s devastation in Haiti.
“Climate change and cholera have a complicated link,” Colwell said in an exclusive interview with United Nations based media agency UNEARTH News published August 7. “As far as Haiti is concerned, the disease outbreak was triggered by a complicated set of factors. The precipitation and temperatures were above average during 2010 and that, in conjunction with a destroyed water and sanitation infrastructure, can be considered to have contributed to this major disease outbreak.”
This story contains everything you need to know about the religion of Climate Change.

Remember the good old days when introducing the cholera bacteria into a country with a collapsed sanitation infrastructure would have been  explanation enough for an outbreak of cholera?

But here we have a former head of the NSF tying herself in knots trying to blame AGW for a disease that (real)  scientists figured out in the 1800's. "It's a complicated link" is ethically bankrupt scientist talk for "any explanation of the link would be so transparently BS that you'll have to trust me on this." It's akin to "my boyfriend goes to another school, no, you wouldn't have heard of his school, it's a secret school, but he's my boyfriend and, well trust me it's all true."

So what's so hard to understand about keeping poop out of the drinking water? That's how they beat back the epidemics of the 19th century, when cholera was in its heyday.

(BTW -- this is the 19th century sometimes referred to as the century before Global Warming began)

Linking a well understood disease to AGW, then doubling down and not admitting the mistake when the evidence slaps you in the face says everything you need to know about this corrupt bunch of witch doctors. They have no shame. They'll lie about anything in order to further their cause.


OMMAG said...

Reading that brought the smell of the old outhouse hole to life.

lumberjack said...

Good to hear. That's the response I was going for.

Talnik said...

Very colorful, OMMAG.

Anonymous said...

Blaming global warming—something which cannot be definitively proven—also provides a bit of cover for these bozos as well as an alternative scapegoat when the lawsuit is finally placed at their doorstep. After all, if you are going to sue then you are going to sue those with the deepest pockets and whose pockets are deeper than those at the UN where reaching into their pockets actually allows you reach into the pockets of the world! Sorry, I should not have used the exclamation point. I just got carried away!