Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Remember Reset?

It should be “perezagruzka” [the Russian word for reset]," said
 Lavrov."This says ‘peregruzka,’ which means ‘overcharged.’

Obama has cancelled a September summit with Putin in protest of Snowden being granted a one year asylum. (oh noes!) That will teach them.

I have to wonder if it will take the entire eight years of the Obama presidency for him to realize that there is no shame in representing the interests of the United States. Every other world leader aggressively fights for economic advantage. But there stands Barry, with his tambourine, looking to interest the others in a round of Kumbayah.

And that's why the Russians don't care that you're "snubbing" them over Snowden, Barry. You give them everything they want anyway.

Remember "I will have more flexibility after the election"? A real world leader would have put it, "We might be able to negotiate something..."  You have nothing to trade for Snowden. Why should the Russians give him up?

I know: offer them another Reset Button.


OregonGuy said...

Hit Staples and pick up a "That was easy!" button.

Save a little cash, and remains consistent with Obama's policy objectives.

GregMan said...

That button was for downloading all of our nuclear launch codes to the Russians.

I mean, what the hell, we've given away everything else...