Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Difference Between Cats and Dogs

No one can be sure what's going on in the cat's head; he might be celebrating wildly.


Lumberbrudi said...

This is not faked. I've had both dogs and cats, and this is exactly how cats are after being away. You could regard it as an advantage of having cats:

If you have a long, say, 3 week vacation, just leave enough dry cat food and kitty litter to last that long. For water, leave the top off of the sedimentation tank of the toilet. Then just go.

3 weeks later, you come through the front door, and they'll look at you like "Oh. You were gone?" No need to apologize for leaving them alone and sad. They weren't sad.

TimT said...

A friend told the story about how they went overseas on a long half a year/year jaunt and, when coming back, the cat gave them an 'oh SHIT!' look and bolted: as if it maybe thought they were dead and was scared out of its wits?