Thursday, July 17, 2014

If Google Was a Guy

Course, Google is a guy, or rather 100,000 guys, and they all know what you buy at the grocery store and where you lived in 1996.

Hey, here's a thing if you like being paranoid about privacy.... I was in the grocery store (Giant) a few months back and when I missed something the cashier said. I said "sorry, what was that? my hearing isn't what it used to be," mainly to cover the fact that I was, as usual, daydreaming about the movie Top Gun. Anyway... two days later I started getting mailings from a local ear doctor. Coincidence? I dunno.

You could test this by doing the same. I've been planning to gather more data by casually mentioning how hard it is to get catheter supplies, or diabetes test kits, mailed right to my door. I just haven't decided which ruse to use. Also, it's harder than you might think to slip "catheter supplies" into casual conversation. No really, try it sometime.

It can't be anything having to do with a medical condition I actually have, because I expect Obamacare's electronic records requirements to invade that last little bastion of imagined privacy.