Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weird News

News of the Weird:

Unclear on the Concept -- A 60-year-old man with a blood clot has recovered, but no thanks to the driver for the South Western Ambulance Service who was ferrying him on a long trip to the emergency room of Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, England, on April 6. The patient's family later reported that the driver had stopped en route to pick up two hitchhikers -- one a young woman in a "skimpy skirt" -- and take them to an on-the-way town. The patient, in pain with his toes starting to blacken, eventually had his blood flow restored and did not lose the leg. He reported that the two riders were friendly and wanted to chat about his condition (though he was in no mood). [Western Morning News, 6-12-2014]

 I can understand his being irritated, but if he'd lost the leg he'd be hopping mad.


Anonymous said...

funny pun that one is.
almost no leg to stand on.

Veeshir said...

but if he'd lost the leg he'd be hopping mad.

On an unrelated note, I bet you get smacked a lot.