Thursday, August 04, 2005

Early early early

I sort of half suspected that the reason I couldn't find Air America on
my radio dial was that it came on early in the morning, maybe opposite
the farm reports and public service announcements. But I've been getting
up with the squirrels for a week now and I still can't find it. From what I've
heard they haven't aired anything funny yet, but I would like to hear them
at least once before they fade away. Course, now there's this:

Here's what is known thus far. On Friday,
Air America confirmed that last year it did in fact take
money from a city-funded nonprofit that runs programs
in the Bronx for children and Alzheimer's sufferers....

You won't find any major media covering it yet, maybe it won't ever make the
Washington Post. I start to suspect that Air America will be like that Segway
thing, something you hear about a lot, but nobody's ever seen.