Friday, August 26, 2005

Making Paper

I wonder how many trees get turned into paper each year just to satisfy
the government's fondness for reports?

That's what I'm doing today, paperstuff. I would put it off longer but the
Registrar of Wills, completely clueless as to how things are done in this
lumbercamp, is talking about court appearances if I don't get a report
turned in. Sheesh. I do have a defense; the instructions for composing
this "account" are pretty vague. Turning me loose on a report without clear
instructions on what it is to include is pretty reckless on their part. I only
have a first draft at this point, but twice already I have had to stop myself
from going into how having dogs has impacted my ability to produce an
accurate accounting of the estate. (well, one was my usual, "the dog ate my
homework," excuse... and that one may reappear in the final draft)
Anyway, this has to get finished today because we'll be going to the lake
for a last kid-fling before school starts. Probably be gone until next