Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Finally Cooler Weather

and I'm stuck doing paperwork.... If anyone ever asks if you'd *like* to administer
an estate, tell them sorry, you don't speak english. Sheesh, it gets tedious. And it's
not helped by realtors, stock brokers, and accountants who all want a piece of the pie.
Thankfully, they aren't all crooks. And the people at the county Registrar
of Wills office are helpful, well, except that they're going to make me go to court
if I don't complete these forms in time. They obviously are unaware of how things
are done in lumberjack land. We wait until the sheriff is at the door.

Ah well, good news is, just one more form, then an amended form, and I'll be
caught up. I might even go out to work today... and leave the paperwork until tonight.
(late) Or maybe tomorrow...

See how it is?