Thursday, August 25, 2005


That's odd. On Drudge Report there's a story about protesters confronting
soldiers at Army hospital. The odd part is that you can't get to the
hospital unless you have a good reason to be on the base. There's an ID check,
and often a vehicle search. Something fishy sounds.

Update: Ah... It was at the medical center. The hospital is further up in Maryland.
OK, so that's believable. Also believable is that these kind and gentle liberals would
taunt wounded soldiers.

And more:
Came across this while searching technocrati on the Walter Reed story:

Thibeault, 22, of Riverside, Calif., spent about seven months at Walter Reed after his left hand was blown off by a grenade that was tossed into the Humvee he was driving through a crowded marketplace in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on Dec. 3, 2003. Thibeault, an Army specialist with the 110th Military Intelligence Battalion of the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, N.Y., grabbed the grenade and tossed it under his seat. He said the grenade had a seven-second fuse, and just about the time he got it under the seat, it exploded, ripping off most of his hand and cutting up his legs with a shower of shrapnel.

His reaction was purely logical. "My buddy didn't see it, and so that's why I grabbed it. My thought process was, if it crossed over my body as I threw it out the window, it might have killed me and my buddy. If I threw it out into a crowd on the side of the road, it would have killed innocent women and children, and we would have all kinds of bad propaganda." So he ditched it under his seat, and when he pulled up his arm, his hand was pretty much gone except for his little finger. He kept driving with the hand he had left, getting himself and his buddy to safety and treatment.....

The article is about the problems faced by Thibeault in getting on with his life. It's a
situation that many wounded veterans must face. Thinking about it though, as hard as it
is to imagine that there are people in this country that would like to make that job
harder for Victor and his fellow wounded soldiers, aren't they really just gnats
to guys like these? I'm even thinking that the protesters ought to watch their step; guys
this tough can still slap them snottless, with one hand or two.


scroff said...

Yes, we must support our soldiers, unless of course they come out against Bush and the War in Iraq, then the lying liberal scum can rot...

lumberjack said...

Whuuuuhh?? Hey, it's a pretty low-rent thing to do to target these guys and their families at the medical center. I haven't heard of any anti-Bush movement among the returning soldiers, but if there was one, yeah, they deserve to be left alone at the medical center too.