Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Tradition

Hard to believe:

In Minnesota, the tiny Day Fish Co. manages to sell 50 tons of lutefisk from October to January.
Fifty tons? Oh the humanity! That means one or two tons are actually eaten. And forty or fifty tons of mashed potatoes are used to cover up the remainder, one portion at a time. I'll assume that's all sold in America. You won't catch self-respecting Canadians eating the stuff, and thinking on it, lutefisk has to be the exact inverse of Mexican food.

While I was doing my yearly lutefisk check, I came across a test to see Which Norwegian Political Party Are You? Turns out I'm of Progress Party, which I pretty much suspected. The Progress Party is not at all like American "progressive".

Anyway, bonus, they had a graphic of all the party logos on the site and it struck me: There isn't a one of them that would look out of place on a box of cookies:

Which reminds me, those Christmas cookies downstairs won't eat themselves. I better go do my share. Merry Christmas again everyone.