Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reptile Fossils Found in Arctic, Hmmmm....

IoL News reports:

Oslo AFP- Norwegian researchers have discovered a second rare fossil in the Arctic of a pliosaur, a giant reptile described by experts as the "T-Rex of the oceans", the project leader said on Tuesday.

"We think it is a species unknown until now. Our pliosaur shows significant differences from those discovered in France and Britain," Joern Hurum of Oslo University's paleontology department told reporters.

The fossil, including parts of the skull, was discovered during a dig this past summer in the Svalbard archipelago, about 1 000km from the North Pole.
Hmmm, Reptiles in the Arctic. Does that tell us anything? Let's see, reptiles are cold blooded, and need a warm environment... "I know!" says a scientist at the back of the room, "That tells us that reptiles used to wear coats."