Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr Splashy Pants

Environmentalists are saddened by the sight of what they say is the final humiliation for the whale in a country that hunts them down with harpoons.
Ha! I love when they get all outraged. Hey environmentalists, lighten up. It's just a hat, ok? And this is a country where game show contestants have cactus stuffed down their pants and are then made to race on flaming tricycles. The hats are pretty benign.

Also in environmental news - I didn't post about the naming of Mr Splashy Pants, because "Splashy Pants" was already the clear winner in the Greenpeace naming of the whale. And my only interest was in defeating the new-agish made-up Indian sound-alikes:
Mister Splashy Pants got a huge 119,367 votes (over 78 percent of the vote) with his nearest rival being Humphrey at 4,329 (less than 3 percent). The rest of the top ten were Aiko, Libertad, Mira, Kaimana, Aurora, Shanti, Amal and Manami.

Many websites also took credit for the rise and rise of the Splashy-Panted One. Some websites encouraged their readers to cheat and vote more than once, while others like Treehugger seemed to imply that Mister Splashy Pants wasn't a proper name for a whale.

We're sure Treehugger didn't mean it that way but it resulted in a final wave of votes from their readers that took Splashy to an unreachable position at the top of the pod.

To everyone who voted for Mister Splashy Pants, now that you've named him, it's time to save him......
Ummmm, nope. We're done.