Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Always the Worst Option: Suicide

So now someone has gotten to Lumberjacks by Googling: "can you commit suicide with lawnmower fumes?" Bad enough. Also bad: AWL came up on the first page of that search. At least the post was about transgendered frogs, not suicide. I had remarked that you can accidentally, in theory, chop off a frog's wobbly-janglies with a lawnmower blade.

Also though, the archive page that came up had the three above golden boys on it. I'll tell you what, those aren't the faces to give you hope if you're thinking of ending it all. So, in case you come back, pilgrim, listen to me now and hear me later: Taking your own life is never the smart move. Talk to someone. Get help. There aren't any problems that can't be overcome, given time. And use your lawnmower for good, with or without frog interaction. I'm serious now, don't make a decision that you'll regret for the rest of, wait, that doesn't work, look, just don't do anything silly. I mean it.