Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wacky World

Injustice! So where's the ACLU?:

EASTON, Pa. - A supermarket is defending itself for refusing to a write out 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell's name on his birthday cake. Deborah Campbell, 25, of nearby Hunterdon County, N.J., said she phoned in her order last week to the Greenwich ShopRite. When she told the bakery department she wanted her son's name spelled out, she was told to talk to a supervisor, who denied the request.

Two things, first: which one is the mommy in that picture? Second thing: No, really, which one is the mommy? Criminy-crotchpants, what is it with feminine neo-nazis?

Remember that skinhead that threatened Obama? I can see these two guys out riding in the pick-up truck, one praying for a flat tire, the other praying to run out of gas, "so the only thing we could do was take off our clothes and huddle together to conserve body heat." In July. In downtown Houston. At noon.

Come on out of the closet fellas. You don't have to prove your masculinity, but even if you did, being intolerant isn't a pass into the manly club.