Monday, December 15, 2008

Halp, Oprah

Here's an odd one.

With these new-fangled Haloscan comments, I see comments even if they're posted on very old posts. Recently this was posted on an Oprah post from two years back:

hello dear please help i and may chealdern in iran my husband dead in akcdent in aroplan and we have very bad lif pleas help we go to the canada i can not good writh english dear opra help help help.....

Just some kid messing around, right? But I checked the IP and it came back to Iran University of Medical Science and Health Services. So it's an Iranian kid goofing if that's the case. And whoever it was spent several hours on the site, so maybe it was some spectacularly web-unsavvy person trying to contact Oprah by googling "Opra woman."

Anyway, not much can be done. I can't find the name through google, and contacting Oprah is out of the question since that last photoshopping incident. Anyway, what are the chances Oprah would really help someone if there was nothing in it for her?