Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Next Senator

Sure the Blagojevich scandal is riveting, especially now that there are reports that the Glowing One did meet with the Blago. But keep your eyes open for this next appointment scandal; it could be even better. From the Brisbane Times:

The star of "The Nanny" television comedy series wants to go from playing nasally New Yawkers to succeeding Hillary Rodham Clinton in the US Senate.

Publicist Jordan Brown delivered the straight line that Fran Drescher is serious about becoming the next junior senator from New York.

Brown cited Drescher's experience as an actress, advocate for women's health and public diplomacy envoy for the US State Department.....

New York Governor David Paterson will appoint Clinton's successor if she is confirmed secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Yes, that's the same David Paterson who confessed to extramarital affairs on his first day as governor. I have to admit, I thought the guy was a breath of fresh air at the time. Well, either that or he has a blurting problem. One of those serial confessors.

Seven-Eleven Clerk: "That will be $4.16"
Paterson: "I can't lie to you! I took a sip of coffee, and then refilled the cup to the brim.
Seven-Eleven Clerk: "That's ok sir, that will be $4.16."
Paterson: "And I put three extra creams in my pocket!"
Seven-Eleven Clerk: "Sir there are people in line...."
Paterson: "And I've been trying to sleep with Fran Drescher!"
Seven-Eleven Clerk: "With Fran Drescher, you could sleep?"

Just wait. If Hillary gets the thumbs up, I'm betting the farm on Fran.