Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stimulus Shenanigans

OK, I'm not an economics wonk, but this seems wrong:

Though no stimulus bill has yet been drafted, Republicans are wary of some of the proposals put forward by groups that are talking to Obama's transition team. They cite a report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors listing myriad projects cast as vehicles to create jobs and boost the economy. Those include a dog park in Hercules, Calif.; a bike path in San Diego; and a $1.5-million push to curb prostitution in Dayton, Ohio.

"My fear is it will be a tool for all kinds of pet spending projects, for wasteful pork barrel projects and redistribution of wealth," said Pat Toomey, president of Club for Growth, which promotes fiscal conservatism.

What is a dog park? It's been my experience that whatever is there is a park as far as a dog is concerned. Waste of money.

And really, $1.5 mil to curb prostitution in Dayton? I've been to Dayton. It may have grown some, but the last time I was there, you could curb prostitution with a stern, "Come on now Gladys, time to go home."