Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coffee Party

This is another long clip but only the first 45 seconds matter. In it, South Korean born Annabel Park explains how her country was divided, and over what? "an ideology, an economic system of government." Her long-story-short is that it was that "you're either with us or against us" ideology that has lead to years of suffering. This, if you're a shallow thinking liberal, is why all those unreasonable tea-partyers need to mellow out and go along with the Change. You don't want to end up like Korea, do you?

You could excuse the civil war analogy if you accept her liberal fantasy that the tea parties are stockpiling guns. (which is silly, but hey, Annabel Park is silly) But for her civil war analogy she picks....... North and South Korea?

Is she aware that the only reason she's able to sit in America expressing her opinion is because her elders resisted the Chinese purveyors of "an economic system of government"? Would she rather South Korea joined the starving wretches in the dark North?:

As an analogy, the Korean conflict argues for vigorous opposition to some "economic systems of government". In Korea's case it saved half a country. And it gave her the freedom to live here and entertain herself with coffee and shallow political dabbling.