Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oil Spill

"Thanks, BP!"

So what's the deal with this worst-catastrophe-ever/no-big-deal oil spill?

I have to admit, I was waiting for bad news: the shrimp industry devastated, porpoises extinct, Padre Island bars canceling the wet t-shirt contests. But also, in the back of my mind, I was wondering if this wasn't just another H1N1 flu panic. A big hype because, well it might be true, and anyway, we aren't selling enough newspapers dammit. (or whatever the cable news equivalent is for not selling enough newspapers, dammit: nobody being able to pick Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper out of a line-up of random shoplifters, maybe)

So, now we've got a flotilla of converted shrimp boats looking for oil that doesn't seem to be there. My question is: is that really the case, or is the MSM now covering for a president who is going down in the textbooks as the example of why you don't want to elect a president with absolutely no executive experience?

Or maybe we're in the best of all possible worlds: we've got a spill that was no big deal; and we've been disabused of the notion that the incredible wondrous glowing One can walk on water.

Was there ever a day when you could hear something on the news and accept it as fact? These days, all CNN is good for is alerting you to things you need to research on the web.