Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saint Sherrod

I didn't post Breitbart's video because Sherrod said (in it) that she came to understand that it wasn't about black and white, but about rich and poor. Which indicated to me that she had seen the error in her attitude and corrected it. (even if it wasn't elaborated on in the clip) So really, I didn't see the clip signifying much. We all make mistakes along the way; and as we live our lives, we make corrections. No news there.

But this new sainthood doesn't fit her either. She would like to see Breitbart's site shut down. Fine. Then we shut down any news source that selectively edits right? Like all the cable networks that selectively edited Rush Limbaugh to make him look like a racist. Shut them down, right?

No. Kiran Chetry asked Sherrod about one site. This isn't about accuracy in media. It's about shutting down the opposition. As the recent JournoList e-mails show, there is a concerted effort to silence conservative voices.

No doubt Kiran Chetry (if that is her name) would like to shut down Fox News and Breitbart. But that's Chavez stuff. That's Dictator league. And I don't see America going for it. But if she ever gets her wish, she better be prepared for CNN to go blue-screen too.