Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mark Guzheng Davis

Here's a public service announcement because a google search doesn't turn up much at the moment; and I feel I should use my entirely mid-range page rank to get this information out there.

I just got a letter, postmarked Ohio, that was supposedly from a Mark Guzheng Davis at Deutsche Bank. In fact, there is a Mark Davis at Deutsche Bank but he doesn't conduct business through The fake Mark Davis also gives a Hong Kong phone number: 852-8193-2507. I don't know if that's a working number but it doesn't matter because it's 3:00 AM in Hong Kong right now. In fact it's always 3:00 AM in Hong Kong, but that's not important.

The letter claims that a fellow named Alfred with my last surname died intestate and that if I'm interested I can lay claim to $8,350,000. This is the start of the classic Nigerian e-mail scam, only done on paper this time. Some clues:

The letter closes with "awaiting your humble reply" (what English speaker closes with that? how does he know I'll be humble?)

The last paragraph starts with: "Please again note I am a family man; I have a wife and children. I send you this Letter [sic] not without a measure of deep thought as to the consequences but nothing ventured is nothing gained, knowing fully well within me that success and riches never comes... " and on and on and on [btw, success never comes, riches never come, and success and riches never come]

Should you get a letter from this guy, don't even respond. He'll get you excited about these vast riches but before you can get them he will need either money or your bank account number. If you give in you can kiss every penny in your account goodbye.