Thursday, October 06, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

This was my first computer, the Classic model, something like 3 years after this was made. My brother introduced me to the Mac, and I still have it, and yes, it still runs.

It's got an external 80 MB (yes Megabyte) hard drive and no color. The internal HD is a 20 MB monster. I've kept it so as to be able to access my old invoices to the government. (and starting it up just now, it still had the correct date, though the time was a few hours off)

I expect Steve Jobs will be remembered as a Edison or Ford. Just an astounding output of work.

And even of you're a Windows person; you can thank Jobs for your graphical user interface and "windows". When the Mac came out with these features, Microsoft had to follow suit or be left behind. Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apple became insanely great, twice.

RIP Steve Jobs.