Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twinkle Feet!

Occupy this, DC:

The protesters have agreed upon 16 guidelines, which include respecting one another, not inhibiting another person’s right to speak, and keeping the space clean. Guideline number 10 reads, “Don’t assume gender. When possible, go with gender-neutral pronouns.”

To keep the noise level down, protesters use hand signals instead of vocal commands to demonstrate opinion. “Twinkle fingers,” performed by wiggling fingers at ear level, shows approval. “Fact check,” which imitates the rapid-fire of two revolvers, requests a confirmation of logistics. The “block”, which brings the forearms into an X shape, “is very powerful, very rare. It shows your opposition to a proposal is very strong, and that you think the proposal goes against the guidelines so strongly that you would be prepared to leave the movement over it,” a protester explained to the crowd.

I was willing to bet that the twinkle-fingers guy (er, person) was an aberration. What is the hand-sign for 'let's all go home now'? I vote for the butt scratch.

Clearly these people haven't thought through what camping out over the winter will involve. There are weather days in DC where I resent having to be out for a day.
Elle, representing the medical community, requested more people to help with the medical tent. She made it clear that the tent cannot fill personal prescriptions, adding, “currently, that’s just the way it is.”

Sure Elle, currently; as if that situation could change. As if you could stock a pharmacy and keep it intact in a tent in the middle of DC.

Anyway Elle, think where you are. Aren't there a half dozen of the best hospitals in the world within a half-hour's drive? What, that's just for emergencies? And you think that routine visits are best done in a tent with no equipment? No twinkle fingers for you.

Clearly Occupy has entered the insane clown phase of its growth. Next comes denial. Or first comes denial, I forget. And anger. We have the anger covered and if Tom from Sanitation is to believed, the bathroom situation should keep the anger up for awhile. The whining phase has been ongoing and is expected to peak sometime this winter.