Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marching for What?

As the lumberwife zoomed out the door on her way to work she told me to check the traffic report. I had an appointment in Georgetown at 2:00 but it seems that yahoos will be marching through the streets, and up to the Key bridge, by the time I get out. So I changed the appointment.

The traffic report interviewed the people's representative in charge of marches, magic markers, and sleeping bags, and he assured everyone that their intent wasn't to disrupt traffic. But he also claimed that this was a march to protest the state of our infrastructure, with an emphasis on our nation's bridges. It's a what? Infrastructure? Did these guys finally find their raison d'ĂȘtre? And it's bridges?

I'm sorry but I can't believe the news guys found the right spokesman. First, we shovel-readied all the bridges with the first trillion dollar stimulus. Second, marchers always tie up traffic in DC. Especially when they say they're going to march to a bridge. Bridges are "choke points," which is my term for an area where it's ok go get out of the car and choke the people who are stopping traffic.

I pity the people who may end up with a three hour trip home this evening. But maybe the rain and wind will make for a light turn-out. Me, I've been there before and I'm not taking the chance. Bridges. Sheesh.