Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why He Ran for President

I've been to the dentist and am miserable enough to not want to look it up; so I'll paraphrase what Obama said: It's people like you that made me want to run for president in the first place.

No. It was huge ambition and a jumbo-sized ego that made him want to run. But identifying with the OWS idiots, and exploiting the OWS defect in character is how he got it done. It's also his main defect and why he's such a disaster for the economy.

If I can live in a nice house, eat good food, drive a reasonable car, get good medical care, have nice things, and pay a licensed dentist to torture me, it matters not one little bit that some guy across town has it twice as good. Or ten times as good. Or ten thousand times as good. And any energy wasted on envy is stupid. Not just that, it's detrimental to my happiness.

Sure if some people get rich by breaking the rules, punish them. Stop them. But most rich people got that way through hard work. People like Obama and the OWS idiots need to drop the envy-toy and pick up the imitate-tool. They've got it better than 90% of the world already. And they have the power to be even more prosperous, through hard work. Not through punishing those who have worked hard.

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