Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brother Bird-donkey

Brother Bird-donkey and Sister Moon wish you a happy Thursday.

With apologies to Ashley Judd, I present to you the North American Birdonkey, or, bird-donkey as they're called in the south. I exhibit him not to embarrass Ms Judd but to point out just one more reason why every rural household should be allowed at least one shotgun.  (and some would say the species is a good argument for legalized flame throwers) 

Yes, at first glance they're cute, especially when they're babies. But you can't imagine the carnage, should a flock of these guys become interested in your garden. A dozen Birdonkies can decimate an acre of corn in five minutes. When they're done the field looks like Michael Moore's beard after a Smorgasbord, only minus the sausages.

Trust me, the Birdonkey isn't the peaceful creature of Ms Judd's imaginings. 


OMMAG said...

Looks like Obama ....

Ten Mile Island said...

Put a hoody on it, and it looks like Satan.