Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Snow White

If you've read AWL for any length of time, you know that on Mondays we always post a new photoshop of Obama dressed as Snow White.  (a tradition that started when I ran out of legitimate photos of him dressed up as the Disney character)

This week I wanted to include John Kerry as one of the dwarfs but I'm still looking for suitable source images. That, plus I can't decide which dwarf to make him - was there a Leaky?

Yes, I know it would have been nice to have Obama looking a little further to his left but I went with this particular face because of the smile. The angles look OK if you just imagine that the wig is a bit off center. (a condition that wasn't at all uncommon when the president would put on the real costume, I'm told)

Hope everyone's taxes went well. I did OK though I might have to sell another kidney to come up with the money this year. If you know anyone looking for a kidney, send them my way. Alternatively, you could shop my Amazon over there on the left, or buy one of those fine My Work Here is Done coffee mugs or t-shirts.


Anonymous said...

"Leaky"? Hmmm - maybe Loopy would be better - can't use Goofy as he is a dog............
Maybe you should run a poll....;-)

MAX Redline said...

Hey, I bought one of them fine mugs and had it schlepped over to Florida for my Mom's birthday - she loved it!

lumberjack said...

Well we appreciate it. I'm really happy with how the mugs turned out. Thanks.