Thursday, May 09, 2013

Interesting Tool

Out of the University of Texas comes a new tool that is supposedly able to de-noise images taken with digital cameras. I will try running some of the family photos through at a later date, but first I wanted to see what it wouldn't do. It won't improve blur or rogue compression pixels, and I didn't expect it to. Still, checking that gave me an excuse to play with it. Original:

"no soup for you"

The age of this image would tend to indicate that it came from a scan of a paper photo. So, no digital camera noise was involved. Is there such a thing as scanner contributed noise? Let's see:

This was run through the "denoise: high" filter. As you can see, not much difference. (click to enlarge) It can't do anything about the low resolution or the compression fuzziness. Also note, you still can't tell if that's an Uzi magazine or a remote control in Obama's right hand. The smug seems to be present in the same concentration. The stoned also.

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Ten Mile Island said...

Amazing levels of teh ghey, but mebbe you can't filter that out.

What difference does it make, any way?

Talnik said...

I never sat that close to another man on a couch, even when smoking dope. Now don't get me wrong; playing Twister in Speedos with the guys while doing poppers was something entirely different. But look at the body language. Barry's signature arrogance is noticeable as his posture is open and dominant, but his head is held back because he considers the other guy to be in some way repulsive. There is no emotional involvement here. His right leg is crossed and pointed toward the other guy (dominance) who has put up his right leg as a block (defensive) while holding his limbs close to his body (fear). The poor guy is pushed into the corner of the couch and not in control of his fate.
That's not a remote in Barack's hand, it's a stun gun. I'm thinking Barack O'Dahmer.

lumberjack said...

Yes, it's like watching a lion stalk a tethered goat. (on a couch) (with a tazer)