Sunday, May 05, 2013

Reality be Damned

Didja hear the President saying that most Mexican gun violence is done with weapons obtained from American gun shops? This, coming from the administration that deliberately "walked" thousands of those weapons across the border. It's more crazy than ironic. It only misses Kafkaesque by virtue of its simplicity: The administration says it was going to trace the weapons to the Mexican drug gangs, then it made no effort to trace them. I think the gun walking had only one goal -- to allow the President to say that most Mexican violence was done with American guns. But this irresponsible program, Fast and Furious, was found out when one of those weapons killed an American border patrol agent.

Well it's amazing that he still tries to harvest talking points from his evil little gun adventure.

Along those lines, VDH has noticed that the non sequitur is becoming an Obama staple:

When President Obama virtually ceases all new federal oil and gas leasing on public property, why would he then brag that despite his efforts, private companies on private land increased U.S. oil and gas production to new highs? Is the logic something like, “Thank God, my opponents ignored my efforts and therefore lessened the country’s dependence on energy imports”? When he embraced or expanded almost all the Bush-Cheney anti-terrorism protocols he once blasted as unnecessary or unlawful, did his logic run thusly: “Guantanamo, renditions, detentions, drones, tribunals, and the Patriot Act were so bad that I was obligated to keep them in force”? Or why would he boast that illegal entries into the United States had at one point dipped to new lows — obviously not due to his various orders limiting deportations, but rather due to the static American economy. Is that logic, “Thanks to my near-record long economic slowdown, illegal aliens now prefer to stay home”? Now in Mexico he is assailing his domestic opponents while on foreign soil, describing the Second Amendment as a sort of quaint oddity, while blaming his own country for the gun violence in Mexico. Is the logic here, “I know very well that American guns find their way into the hands of Mexican  killers, because my administration took elaborate efforts to sell such weapons to such criminals”? Is Joe Biden writing these speeches?


Ten Mile Island said...

You would have us become bullies, making fun of our President's inconsistencies.

What difference does it make?

lumberjack said...

yes to the becoming bullies, I also advocate making fun of his golf game