Friday, May 17, 2013

Now It's Coming Into Focus

Frankly I was bewildered that the DHS and military would name Christians as possible terrorists. It caused me to wonder if those people had ever set foot inside an American church. Sure we have idiots like the Westboro Baptist Church, but they're idiots, not revolutionaries. Why fear Christians and patriots? Why dry up the ammunition supply?

But it becomes a little clearer when you find out that those in power have been using the power of government to punish citizens who would limit government. They weren't afraid of the tea party, they were afraid of what the tea party would become once they found out what the government was doing. They feared what would happen if the media ever lost its infatuation and started reporting that favored groups would be spared Obamacare pain while the unfavored saw their premiums double and their old plans vanish. When a corrupt IRS begins enforcing oppressive healthcare laws will the Tea Party still be optimistic reformers easily controlled by the government and and a compliant media?

But the administration doesn't need to fear bullets. They need to fear what would happen if suddenly a significant portion of Americans decide that the IRS is the corrupt beyond redemption. What happens if half of us decide that the game is rigged and we no longer want to play?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating a tax revolt. I'm just noting it as a far more likely outcome than armed insurrection.  Refusing to pay taxes would bring the whole system down but it would land on everyone's head.  So it's not desirable, or likely.


Tina said...

The good part about this is maybe now people will no longer feel so scared when these crazy things happen to them - now they are free to tell someone and know they will be believed.

Criminals thrive by creating fear and secrecy, and the criminals in government & social justice groups are no better. Just like we have campaigns to teach abused persons how to speak up, perhaps the same techniques can help support Christians who have been afraid to admit they support the teachings of the Bible.

People - especially Christians - can stop playing their game while staying within the law. We can help empower each other by blurting out the truth, and being willing to stand up next to others who blurt out the truth.

OregonGuy said...