Thursday, July 20, 2006

Billy Bell

I put up a rumor, well, a bulletin board post (which usually doesn't carry the weight of a rumor heard on the bus) about Billy Leeson/Bell being up and getting better. Well it's true. Gateway Pundit has a link and an excerpt from the story. And I'll tell you what - as mad as I was about a "peace activist" doing this to him, I'm happier still that he's going to be ok.

Go Billy. Yeah you!

Actually I think the credibility scale goes something like this:
(in order of decreasing reliability)
1) Something you've seen yourself.
2) Something you've seen the video of.
3) Something your wife told you.
4) Something you've read in several papers, unless one of them was the NYT.
5) Rumors you overheard on a bus.
6) Rumors your wife told you.
7) Anything you read from Some Guy on the Internet.

Oh yeah, and lastly, anything you read in the NY Times.


Anonymous said...

This is amusing. In linguistics, there is a formal piece of grammar called "evidentials". These are the grammatical ways that a speaker tells a listener the source and reliability of information being passed on. It's remarkably like these categories in some ways.

lumberjack said...

"something your wife told you," I bumped that up the list just in case she was reading... She does outscore the NY Times though.

And I left out, "revelations that come to you in a dream," even though I use them for all the major decisions.