Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Take Down the Images Before the Trial Please

I got an e-mail threatening, well threatening nothing really, the writer forgot to put in the threat, but telling me that I was using copyrighted images of a drunken Christiaan Briggs....

Gee, it'd be tempting to refer him to Christiaan Briggs' take on copyright. (there should be none) But what I want to know is, how is this not fair use? The images were part of my commentary, they weren't used for profit... and by the way, where did they go? They were public images on flickr at one time. Now they're gone.

Anyway, who puts their friends in this position? I mean, if Christiaan Briggs hadn't attacked an innocent kid, those pictures would have no meaning. Now, as if calling Christiaan Briggs friend isn't embarrassment enough, "morph" has to ask me to take down the pictures. How much easier this would have been for everyone if instead of being a grit-tooth, angry, denouncer of violence, if Christiaan Briggs had worked on eliminating the violence in Christiaan Briggs.

***Update: From the Les Incompetents bulletin board-

"Sorry we've been dragging our feet about updating this. Bill has now come round and is walking and talking so things are looking a lot better. Hopefully he should be fit and well fairly soon. Naturally he and his family appreciate the support and kind comments."
Great news.


Anonymous said...

Not waiting for the court proceedings to finish before commenting on and defaming Mr Briggs doesn't seem like a very intelligent thing to do. Your wild speculation comes awfully close to breaking defamation laws, and, forget copyright, you're actually going the right way about prejudicing an impartial trial.

If your blog amounted to anything and you did end up prejudicing an impartial trial I'm sure the family of the alleged victim wouldn't be too happy.

It's seems pretty obvious that your main problem with Mr Briggs is his leftism. Methinks you should put your politics aside and pull your head in, at the very least for the sake of the family of the alleged victim.

lumberjack said...

Hi Christiaan.

Anonymous said...

Not even close.

lumberjack said...

You see, I work here and I can delete the "not even close," and replace it with "I admit it's me, and by the way I'm greatly relieved that the lad is OK and I have genuine remorse for my lapse in judgement."

So don't tic me off.

And by the way.. It's for true. Billy Leeson is doing well.

Patrick said...

Christiaan Briggs seems to have a legion of moonbats who go around the Internet and protect their man from the consequences of his actions. I tried to ask Christiaan a question on the discussion tab at his user page at Wikipedia, where it was promptly censored.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his reject friend Ken will be his legal rep, good way to go from 5-10 to tree & rope.