Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shock the Monkey

I know why this was news; it was the headline.

Store wants to shock chickens to death for customers

Just too good, and I figured the story would be as ho-hum. But skimming through it I find:
Every morning, the chickens are given a fatal electric shock, de-feathered, cleaned, cut, and put on the shelves.
Doesn't it sound like some kind of chicken hell? Getting shocked, plucked, and cut up every morning? Then, next day, it starts over. Poor chickens, wondering what they possibly could have done to deserve this. What sins are available to a chicken anyway? You need opposable thumbs to commit all the big transgressions.


MikeZ said...

This is cool. It's only a small step from there to doing like they do (or used to) in high-class European restaurants: you got to pick your lobster from a tank.

You get the picture.