Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's Execution

Sure, it's interesting to see who is upset over the execution of Saddam. But the net-crazies were with us before the execution and they will be here long after. They'll keep finding proof that secret organizations control the government, that we engineered 9-11, that their neighbor's dog is trying to control their mind with thought rays... It goes on and on. And they've become uninteresting. Ultimately this was an Iraqi solution to an Iraqi problem. And I'm glad that, after years of oppression under the heel of this dictator, the Iraqi people were able to bring him to justice. I'll defer to Iraqi sentiments on the matter, from Iraq the Model:

Executing Saddam is an execution to a dark era in Iraq's history and it's a message to all those who followed his ways that there is no turning back; yes, the people will never kneel to a tyrant again and will never give up.
The future is in the hands of the people and they will choose their way no matter how big the sacrifice is.
We have suffered too much for too long and we deserve a better life and that we will keep pursuing.


Anonymous said...

Iraq the Model pretty much sums it up.
Seeing those folks with the purple fingers that risked their lives to make a change in their country, it was a touching momemt and on that made me look around Canada in wonder at the election turnout.

Good on Iraq that this piece of rebirth is done.


Papa Ray said...

Yea, it's a good thing, but having a bunch of Sadr's admirers screaming and shouting durning the execution, made it seem more like a Sadr hit job.

Iraqis seem to screw everything up one way or the other.

Papa Ray
West Texas