Thursday, June 25, 2009

Health Care Reform

The only way to get Obamacare pushed through is to keep people in the dark about the consequences. The pitch:

Reporting from Washington -- President Obama suggested at a town hall event Wednesday night that one way to shave medical costs is to stop expensive and ultimately futile procedures performed on people who are about to die and don't stand to gain from the extra care.

In a nationally televised event at the White House, Obama said families need better information so they don't unthinkingly approve "additional tests or additional drugs that the evidence shows is not necessarily going to improve care."

Ah, so we'll save money by informing families and patients exactly what to expect from treatment? If you believe that, I'd like to talk to you about a bridge I've got for sale. No, we'll save money by having the government decide what treatment is worthwhile. Gravely ill patients, and their families, are extremely well versed in what the pros and cons of possible treatments are. To say that they just grasp-at-straws is insulting.

"Unthinkingly approve"? Mr Obama, you are really are shooting for the title of Dumbest President Ever.