Friday, June 26, 2009

Yo Ho-Ho

At first I thought it funny, but it's really kind of sick. It seems Russian entrepreneurs are offering pirate hunting cruises aboard armed private yachts off the Somali coast. Change that to "human hunting cruises":

Wealthy punters pay £3,500 per day to patrol the most dangerous waters in the world hoping to be attacked by raiders.

When attacked, they retaliate with grenade launchers, machine guns and rocket launchers, reports Austrian business paper Wirtschaftsblatt.

Passengers, who can pay an extra £5 a day for an AK-47 machine gun and £7 for 100 rounds of ammo, are also protected by a squad of ex special forces troops.

The yachts travel from Djibouti in Somalia to Mombasa in Kenya.

The ships deliberately cruise close to the coast at a speed of just five nautical miles in an attempt to attract the interest of pirates.

This will appeal to an especially sick kind of individual: the guy who wants to kill a human, but so far hasn't been able to come up with an excuse to do so. I'm convinced that many of those who would kill abortionists, or bomb abortion clinics, are in the same category. They aren't motivated by ideology, they're just looking to justify an unacceptable act.