Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Billboard, Bad Math

Gee, sorry to go all mathy today, but this one will bug me if I don't say something.

I don't know what numbers they used but if you take 1.21 million abortions performed in 2005 (said to be the most current, reliable, numbers - though many believe the number is higher) and you apply the magical math, you get one abortion every 26 seconds, not one every 21 minutes. So every 21 minutes 48 possible presidents are aborted, 48 possibly delightful daughters are aborted, 48 possibly silly sons are aborted, or 48 possible future math nerds, forklift mechanics, or short-order cooks are aborted.

But Democrats won't agree to defunding Planned Parenthood's abortion mills until they realize that every week 23,205 future taxpayers are aborted.

Twenty three thousand. Can you imagine us fighting a war in which "only" twenty three thousand of our troops are killed each week?

I suspected there was an explanation.... I got a reply from ThatsAbortion that their numbers were for abortions performed in Chicago's Cook county. That's sad, as are the national numbers. But their ad got me thinking. I'm sure it has gotten some of those possible mothers thinking as well.

also from them: