Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your iPad is So Cool Because Someone Didn't Like This Guy's Toilet Design

Jonathan Ive, the design genius behind Apple cool:

The manner of his departure for the U.S. is particularly galling to Clive Grinyer, who first hired Ive after he came to work with him on a placement from Newcastle Polytechnic. It came after a presentation of an Ive design to a bathroom-fittings company in Hull.

‘We lost a great talent,’ says Grinyer. ‘We virtually created our own consultancy, Tangerine, just so that we could employ Jony (as Ive prefers to be called). And if I had to put my finger on why and where we lost him it would have to have been one day at Ideal Standard in Hull.

Read the article and you'll see how success and vast riches are really just a matter of luck. See, it could have easily been me. Well, the first part anyway. I could have produced a toilet design failure. And that's the first half of this story of phenomenal success. I imagine I could have faked the second half, possibly.